The newly introduced jumplists, which appear when you right-click on an icon in the superbar, help improving the workflow a lot, but if you want combine multiple programs in one icon, you’re screwed.

good stuffThe ‘Jumplist-Launcher’ comes to rescue!

It lets you add up to 10 60 programs or files within self-defined groups inside a jumplist, but see yourself:


Jumplist-Launcher 7.2 (476.6 KB) - 143941 hits

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Version 7:

  • You can choose one default-entry which will be opened if you click on Jumplist-Launchers Superbar-icon. An entry will be added to your Jumplists which opens the configuration-window of the Jumplist-Launcher
  • The interface has been revised agaom (special thanks go to Heiko Eckendorf for the concept)
  • The issue where people were unable to create Jumplists is finally fixed

Version 6:

  • Every element can now be executed with command-line arguments (doesn’t make much sense for non-executable files though)
  • Shortcuts added via drag’n’drop will be dissolved to their target. This includes their arguments.
  • If somehow an icon couldn’t be loaded it will now be replaced by a question mark instead of throwing cryptic error messages at you
  • The interface and workflow to add files have been revised
  • People who weren’t able to change the max. number of jumplist-item should now be able to do so

Version 5:

  • groups and entries in the treeview can now be moved via drag’n’drop
  • after deleting items in the treeview icons don’t become mixed up anymore
  • after adding files via filebrowser the correct icon will now be shown in the treeview

Version 4:

  • You can now optionally create a tasklist instead of the normal one. This ones max. number of items isn’t bound to the max. number of recent items, however there is no setting for max. tasklist entries
  • fixed strange behaviour when moving items in the TreeView (e.g. files become groups)
  • multiple items can now be moved at once
  • the icons-folder will be created if it doesn’t exist (fixes the “Datei “…\iconInfo.dat” kann nicht erstellt werden.” bug)

Version 3:

  • You can add single files to the jumplist by dragging the file on the superbar entry of Jumplist-Launcher while holding the shift-key
  • Folder icons can be changed now
  • fixed a bug where icons are mixed up when you delete a folder icon
  • No more “Fehler beim Holen der Daten…” Error, instead it just disables the ability to set the number of entries in the registry if the value couldn’t be read

Version 2:

  • Up to 60 (before only 10) jumplist-items possible
  • You can change the maximum number of jumplist-items inside the program
  • New items are added in the correct groups now
  • Ordner können auch der Liste hinzugefügt werden


  • no installation and rubbish in the registry
  • Creates jumplists with up to 10 60 programs or files which can then be directly started(Warning: The setting Max. Jumplist-Items changes the number of possible entries globally for the whole Windows-environment)
  • the jumplist entries can be grouped
  • An entry can be assigned to be opened upon left-clicking the superbar-icon of the Jumplist-Launcher
  • Every entry may contain command-line arguments
  • after creating the jumplist, no program needs to run in the background
  • you can have multiple Jumplist-Launcher-Icons (with different files/programs) on your superbar by copying the folder
  • files can be dragged into the Jumplist-Launcher from Windows-Explorer
  • Icon and name of the entry can be customized
  • Jumplist-items can be added by dragging single files on Jumplist-Launchers taskbar-icon while holding the shift-key


  • Microsoft Windows 7 RC


  1. Start Jumplist-Launcher.exe
  2. Add Groups by clicking the ‘Add Group’ button and rename them by clicking on their name in the treeview
  3. Add files/programs by either clicking on the ‘…’ button or directly dragging them into the Jumplist-Launcher window
  4. You can reorganize the order of groups and files by selecting them in the treeview and pressing the up or down-button
  5. if needed change the number of max. Jumplist-items
  6. When you are done, click on ‘Create Jumplist’ to save everything and Create the jumplist
  7. Pin the program to the superbar
  8. Close the programm

Known issues

  • Changing the maxmimum number of Jumplist-entries changes the number of recently used files all across Windows 7This can’t be fixed at the moment because both numbers are represented by only one number in the registry


  • Multiple taskbar entries with different icons with just one instance of the program
  • Save settings as a XML-file
  • any ideas?



Q: The program gives weird error-messages

A: The data is likely to be corrupt. In order to start fresh, delete all content of the icons-folder but

the folder itself and the ‘settings.dat’ which is located in the Jumplist-Launcher-folder

Q: How can I have Jumplist-Launcher pinned on the superbar with my own icon

A: Create a shortcut of the Jumplist-Launcher.exe and pin that to the taskbar

Q: 10 60 files/apps only? …I need more

A: You can copy the whole Jumplist-Launcher folder and paste it somewhere else.

Both Jumplist-Launcher.exe use different datasets and therefore can have different files/programs linked to them

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