Quick Tip: How to convert video-clips to audio-clips in Ableton Live


DJingI had to use a video to put together the intro for my new mix. Currently there are no conversion-tools on my computer because my SSD crocked this weekend. Luckily Ableton Live can use videos directly. The big downside is that it uses much more CPU power than audio-only editing. Combine that with my VST-addiction and you got yourself a big mess.


I was looking for a possibility to convert videoclips to audio-clips directly withing Live and stroke a bonanza. Just right-click on a videoclip, hit “Consolidate” (or ⌘ + J) and hit “OK” in the window that pops up to discard the video-content!


Now you got yourself a clean audio-clip. That is by no means a hidden feature but I hope that some people facing the same problem will find this blog-entry via their preferred search-engine. If that is the case feel free to drop a comment below!

Schon habt ihr einen Audio-Clip. Ist jetzt kein verstecktes Feature aber ich hoffe, dass ihr das durch diesen Blog-Eintrag über die Suchmaschine eures Vertrauens finden könnt. Sollte das der Fall sein, schreibt doch mal einfach einen Kommentar!

Hedgehog Live At Sputnik DJ Battle 2013


DJing,HedgehogI’ve been at MDR Radio Sputnik together with 5 other DJs competing in the Sputnik DJ Battle. The winner of the voting may play for one hour on the mainstage of the festival Sputnik Springbreak next weekend in front of a huge audience.

I need your help to win this competition!
Please vote (as often as you can) for “Hedgehog” at www.sputnik.de/springbreak/djbattle until Wednesday.

Update: Thank you for all the votes and kind support. I got a slot at the Sputnik Springbreak 2013 and it was nuts!

Here’s my recording from Saturday so you can get a grasp of what you’re voting here for:


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